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  • Jonah Pachman

Baseball - The Sport That Has Seen it All

America’s pastime has been through its ups and downs since its creation in 1869. From the black sox scandal in 1919 to the events in World War II in the forties, baseball has a history unlike any other sport. However, the pandemic has brought an unprecedented type of pressure to the league. The MLB had to cancel the start of their season last spring before it even started, Other leagues, like the NBA and the NHL, were able to get in almost a full season in the winter before the chaos ensued. The story was different for baseball, no real full season has taken place since 2019. No fans have been able to experience the joys of summer baseball games or the traditions that were embraced just a few years ago. Now it is 2021, and to all baseball fans, it has felt like ages since the last baseball game they attended. Also, all youth baseball players have had to hold off as well. Not only have the MLB players had restrictions, but so have the little leaguers. People love the game, and all they want is a real season.

The week of March 13th was when spring training was canceled for good. Players went home to their families thinking that they would be back on the field in a matter of weeks, but soon, opening day was getting pushed back, and uncertainty was setting in. The 2020 season did not start until July 23rd, and even then people knew that it would not be the same. The 2020 regular season saw numerous struggles and criticisms, but in the end, a champion was crowned. The Los Angeles Dodgers would end up winning the World Series, but several fans have deemed it unofficial.

Major League Baseball may have had a season during the heart of the pandemic, but when it comes to local baseball, it is a completely different story. Several communities throughout the nation have experienced COVID limitations like none other, and they have not been able to take the field for months. There have been some fortunate areas that have been able to get in a quick season, but those have been rare, to say the least. Even here in Montgomery County, Maryland, there has been nothing since the shutdown in March. The only conditioning and training that any players have been able to do have been club and solo training. If the players are on a travel team, they probably have been able to get a condensed season in, but there has not been any high school baseball. The art of competing for a state baseball championship cannot be experienced right now, and that is certainly affecting players' attitudes. This is true for all sports, but it is worth noting that baseball is on pace to miss two straight seasons, given that their 2019-2020 season was canceled. The roar of the crowd and the pop of the glove are things that baseball fans have been dying to see and hear since March. At this point everything is uncertain, and it is still not clear when a “normal” season will be able to take place.

America’s pastime is experiencing issues unlike anything throughout its extensive history. As fans of the game, it is our responsibility to make sure that it stays on its feet, and that the future is not ruined. Getting back on the field is a priority, and the only way that can truly happen is if people stay safe. There are going to be serious consequences if this continues for another year, and that is not solely at the little league level. The front office for Major League

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