Coming March 2020

"The youngest generation's relationship with life's oldest emotion"


The Concept:


For the last two years, Montgomery County students created The wildly popular Museum of Contemporary American Teenagers 2018 and Coming of Age in Toxicity 2019. This year, Fear Itself will feature  art, murals, exhibits, performances, a panel, and ball with a twist. THE FEAR ITSELF FILM FESTIVAL  featuring student shorts will accompany the event.

Students from a variety of area schools will transform a house in a bucolic neighborhood into a multi-faceted artistic interpretation of fears they keep down and propel 

forward their generation.

The goal:


To allow visitors an immersive experience; to allow visitors a chance to step into the shoes of teenagers for a day (or two or three). What do they fear? Why? 


The schedule:

Open to all: MARCH 20-22