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What is Cultural Toxicity?

Cultural toxicity: the adverse effects and results of long-term exposure to a cultural toxicant (a man-made (substance) that presents a risk of death, disease, injury, defect or a more common endpoint such as decreased growth or corrosive behavioral change.

Cultural Toxicity and Teens

For decades, organizations from the CDC, NIH, and FDA have taken great interest in the toxicants that impact, shape, and corrode teen life, health and behavior. After all, could any discussion of the harmful effects of nicotine be complete without mention of teens? But, what about the toxicants that are not “substances”- for example, a shared belief, an action or an inaction?

"Coming of Age in Toxicity"


The Concept:


Last year, Bethesda-Chevy Chase students created The wildly popular Museum of Contemporary American Teenagers. This year, Coming of Age in Toxicity will feature  art, exhibits, performances with a twist--- a 3-D board game/ escape room.


The goal:


To allow visitors an immersive experience; to allow visitors a chance to step into the shoes of teenagers for a day (or two or three) and navigate the many forms of toxicity they grow up with today: from toxic stress, to toxic comparison culture, to toxic masculinity.


The background:

All of the exhibits are based on authentic research by teen about teens. To give you an idea of how authentic, the specialists behind the podcast "Their Own Devices" have interviewed and featured groups on topics ranging from hookup culture to finstas.


The schedule:

To see a schedule, to see exhibits, to RSVP, to be part of the movement,  visit the events page.